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Guidewire-led Core Transformation

Digital transformation has been a buzzword in the Insurance sector off-late. Insurance companies holding on to legacy systems face a multitude of challenges that increase the total cost of ownership. However, the move to digital must be supported by a robust transformation at the core. Platforms such as Guidewire provide tools that a business person can use to make changes, reducing dependency on IT systems, resulting in significant cost-savings in DevOps and Legacy Modernization. Zensar is a Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Consulting Advantage Partner, offering implementation and upgrades for the complete suite of Guidewire products and services. Partner with us to obtain maximum value for the core transformation of your Insurance value chain.

Key Capabilities​

Zensar empowers core transformation for Insurers and helps lower their total cost of ownership using Guidewire capabilities and related solutions

Guidewire Suite Implementation

Zensar with its unique combination of P&C Insurance domain experience and world-class technical innovation helps Insurance carriers with core transformation to gain the digital advantage with the implementation of Guidewire products including ClaimCenter™, PolicyCenter™, BillingCenter™, DataHub™, Digital Portals and DevConnect™

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Guidewire Upgrades

Frequent and timely upgrades are central to successful Guidewire implementation. Upgrades as a Service model offers zero disruption to Insurers as we use Guidewire upgrades tools and scripts to do upgrades more efficiently. This drives sustainable digital transformation, seamlessly blending new features into the existing IT blueprint with zero disruptions.


Insurers can improve human productivity with automated business processes. Using our intelligent RPA platform, we help Insurers accelerate efficiency, increase profitability and supercharge innovation. Our solutions not only help eliminate repetitive, manual, data-intensive activities but also free up human capital to perform more high-value tasks.

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Testing and Quality Assurance

Insurance being a data-sensitive and time-sensitive requires error-free recurring testing at a reasonable cost. Whether you're already live on Guidewire applications or otherwise, we offer a tailor-made, comprehensive testing solution that is built on Zensar's Test Automation Framework (ZTAF), containing multiple test cases will reduce testing cycles, resources and cost.

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Cloud as Digital Foundation

Cloud can increase agility and flexibility for Insurers, without being held back by resource constraints or capacity limits. Zensar helps Insurers identify the right cloud framework for current and future needs, providing consultations on private, public, multi, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Application Maintenance and Support

With our rich experience in Application Maintenance and Support combined with our proven expertise in the Insurance domain and Guidewire, we can support Insurers with configuration, integration, conversion, version upgrades, testing and support across all lines of business.

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Support as a Service

Our new Guidewire Support model as a cost-saving service helps to reduce your IT costs supported by immediate resource readiness. This flexible Managed Services model provides customized support for services ranging from help desk resolution to expert technical support, including outside support required.

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