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Enhanced end-user experience powered by Digital

Insurers need to continue operations across the value chain with minimum disruption for their customers. Currently, customer servicing, premium payments, and claims servicing processes are severely impacted. Insurance experts agree that contactless and virtual servicing is the new normal with 'Digital' at its foundation. The challenge lies in how quickly Insurers jump onto the digital bandwagon to transform their value chain. Zensar's Digital Insurance Accelerator is a package of digital solutions spanning across the P&C, L&A and Health Insurance value chain, to enable digitalization of key processes that till now were extensively manual, such as Quote to Claims, Customer Onboarding, Customer Servicing, Claims Processing and Risk Management.

Key Capabilities

Zensar empowers Insurers to provide seamless end-user experience using digital transformation capabilities for Insurance

Mobile-first Platforms

With rising customer expectations, it is time to bring Insurance processes such as Claims Processing and Policy Management at the fingertips of the end-users. Zensar’s AI-enabled self-service mobile platform empowers policyholders, adjusters and customer representatives to manage Insurance processes remotely while reducing operational costs and enhancing CX.

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Customer and Partner Onboarding

Zensar with its expertise in AI/ML and Automation, helps Insurers in digitalizing the existing processes such as buying a policy, claims processing etc., using its customer and partner digital onboarding platforms.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our platform is enabled with AI/ML capabilities. Between 60-80% of the claims made in P&C are pass-through claims. The cost of claims is high, owing to underlying manual damage assessment and verification processes. We also have an in-built AI-underwriting capability to onboard customers and manage authentication through AI-based OCR and document management.

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Insurance Chatbots

Chatbots help connect business stakeholders and channels on a single platform. Some key chatbots we have are usage-based Auto Insurance using driving behavior through Telematics data, Health Insurance through wearables and Home-owners Insurance using smart home sensors. These are powered by Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and intent Digital Solutions.

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Persona-based Personalization using UI/ UX

Personalized experiences for individual buyers are key to becoming successful players in the Insurance industry. Consumers today expect customized, self-directed interactions with Insurers. Access to a wealth of data about their customers is an opportunity for Insurers to understand their customers more deeply and personalize their Insurance experience.

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