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InsureTech Accelerators

We have a strong suite of Insurance accelerators which are diverse set of off-the-shelf tools and solutions such as Biometric Authentication, AR Property marker, Weather Prediction, Reverse Geocoding, Intelligent Self-Servicing Bot, Telematics, RPA Platform, SR Management tool and Custom Analytics Dashboards. These accelerators cater to stakeholders and intermediaries across the Insurance value chain, enabling and augmenting them digitally, and streamlining the frontend and backend processes. These are industry-leading tools, which are both utilized as a part of an Insurance platform, as well as used independently.

Key Capabilities

Zensar enhances and augments its core transformation services for Insurers with the help of the following Accelerators, which are innovative solutions that have been built in-house by our expert teams.

Telematics and Smart Auto

Zensar's Telematics solutions for auto Insurance helps Insurers provide usage-based Insurance (UBI) solutions by offering optimized Insurance policies that link premiums more closely with an individual's driving behavior and if required, health of the vehicle.

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Smart Homes

The Smart Homes solution leverages the IoTification of modern homes and data from the smart devices to provide risk engineering insights to customers, advanced risk selection, incentive-driven pricing, damage detection and prevention, and additional home-centered services.

Smart Worker

The Smart Worker solution is an extension of the Digital Contact Centre. It augments the live agent to better cater to customer queries and service requests through a 360-degree view of customer profile and past interactions. The automation bots built for workflow management also assist customers in self-servicing, handling pass-through claims and requests.

Weather Notification

The Weather Monitoring solution, based on advanced machine learning, can now help home Insurers forecast weather patterns and give notice to the policyholders, and claim adjusters about an upcoming calamity. This helps the Insureds in safeguarding themselves better as well as claim adjusters in conducting surveys effectively.

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Data Management and Analytics

P&C Insurers need to understand and predict the behavior of their customers better, to gain a competitive advantage. Analytics in Insurance helps with understanding customer behavior, pricing, risk, fraud detection, claims triage, identification of outlier claims and prediction of trends.

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AR Property Marker

The AR Property Marker makes use of geodata and optical vision for authenticating properties. The marker has 1-on-1 mapping with property and policyholder and is only made visible to the user. Due to the geo-tagging, the marker can be accessed using a drone in catastrophe hit areas. It will enable the first-level authentication for damaged property.

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