How DevOps and Development Can Adapt to the New Normal

- devopsdigest

17 November 2020


One strategy to adopt is to progressively mature development teams into self-autonomous, full stack teams. This means enabling your fragile teams to agile and including ancillary support personnel like network/cloud/DevOps etc, on full time/shared basis. These roles will enable your team to be self-reliant through automation and Cloud. Adding full stack talent into the team (including Design, Research personnel) also enables dev teams to deliver on all design and tech aspects. DevOps Institute's Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report talks about "E-Shaped Humans of DevOps" who are individuals with "breadth" and "depth" of knowledge. Being autonomous is a function of the organization structure, which can be progressively changed once teams become self-sustaining and start pushing for more autonomy.

Madhwesh Kulkarni
SVP and Global Head, Technology Transformation Group, Zensar Technologies

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