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Experience Automation made brilliant

Helping organizations achieve advanced levels of efficiency using RPA

Enterprises today look for unique ways to improve their processes and working productivities due to the constant pressure of increasing their annual profits and fetching truly digital. Automation has become a powerful control to deliver genuine outcomes on dropping organizations’ total cost of operations, concrete way for process correctness, ornamental efficiency and contravention open new business outcomes.

Zensar is a Global Platinum Partners with Automation Anywhere. Our “Intelligent Process Automation” in Partnership with Automation Anywhere brings a unique consolidation of our in-depth understanding of complex processes across industries, coupled with our home-based accelerators and technology enablers such as Workflow Orchestration, Advanced OCR, Cognitive Automation and Bot Analytics. Our solutions not only help eradicate tiresome, replicable, and routine-based tasks, but also handle tasks with decision-making abilities efficiently. These allow organizations to realign their human capital for strategic initiatives.

Zensar has delivered 40-60% process throughput improvements, 20-40% OPEX reduction, FTE savings of 70-80% process across various engagements.

Partnership Highlights

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