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Banking on Experience

For customers of today's Financial Products and Services, there is an expectation that their Experience is as personal as their money. As secure. Zensar promises its customers an experience-led business transformation journey through a four-pronged approach. First, we create value through our business domain expertise, solutions and accelerators. Second, through a 'Centers-of-Excellence' approach, we leverage reusable components for rapid prototyping. Third, we engage with cutting-edge partners to offer joint go-to-market. And fourth, we tap into our horizontal capabilities - Experience, Analytics, Automation, Cloud and Legacy Modernization. Zensar enables its customers to Bank on Experience to deliver superior business outcomes and long-term customer loyalty.

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The four main tenets of our value proposition for the Banking and Financial Services industry

Experience-led Transformation

We believe in designing great experiences. The quality of touchpoints experienced by end-users of our clients has a direct relationship with their commercial performance and market share. Here we offer our clients, services and solutions for Deep User Research, Personalization, Customer Onboarding, Digital Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Virtual Events.

Advanced Analytics and Automation

Advanced Analytics helps you look beyond the obvious and into the future. We offer services for Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Visualization, and Applied AI. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has revolutionized the Banking industry by enabling employees to spend their time on more complex tasks, while AI handles back-end operations.

Digital Foundation Services

Digital Foundation Services (DFS) from Zensar empowers clients to manage, operate and continually optimize the necessary technology infrastructure responsible for delivering digital business outcomes. Using DFS, you can harness cutting-edge innovations while delivering consistent operations, resilient infrastructure and superior experience.

Legacy Modernization

We bring to you our next-generation application lifecycle services through integrated services, enterprise architecture and consulting. We partner with our clients to offer services for next-gen ADM, Legacy Modernization, Testing Automation, Microservices and API, Agile and DevSecOps, and Automation, with deep expertise in Oracle, SAP and Salesforce ERP systems.

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