Secure, seamless, frictionless identity and access for your workforce, customers and partners in the digital world

Enterprises need to provide frictionless access to the digital workforce, partners and customers through online digital channels and yet maintain the security of assets and users. Identity has become the new perimeter for enterprises as well as the digital economy. Zensar’s Zero Trust based Identity and Access controls perform automated, continuous risk assessment of the user, access channel and device in the context of past behavior and peer group analysis to detect anomalies and provide an adaptive and automated response based on the assessed risk to protect enterprise assets and the users from Account Take Over, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud. Zensar’s analytics and automation driven Identity Access Audits and Remediation solutions greatly reduce the effort and time spent by business users and people managers on their periodic, time-consuming risk and compliance tasks.

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Audit, Analytics and Remediation driven implementation

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