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Application Modernization

Enabling Enterprises to Transform Core Systems

Modernizing Core Systems without Business Disruption

Modernization is a journey that starts with understanding the current operational complexity. To adopt the right path for modernization, businesses need to identify the right drivers such as – cost optimization, risk reduction, strategic alignment, maintainability, availability and many more . This would help in execution of the strategy that needs to be followed for a particular application. Zensar’s Rapid Risk Free Modernization (R2F Framework ) is a unique approach to ‘de-risk’ the entire transformation journey of the legacy system. R2F Framework recommends a two step process – Rationalization followed by Modernization. This framework helps leaders to carefully choose one of the 6 Rs (Retire, Replace, Retain, Rehost, Refactor, Rewrite) for any legacy application.

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Everest Group has recognized Zensar as a Major Contender in Application Transformation Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020

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