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Advanced Insights for Critical Decision-Making with Data Engineering

Outpace the competition with custom captured data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics.

User Behavior, Operational Data Modeling, and Customer Buying Patterns

Data Quality

Bridge gaps in data for improved overall quality.

Data Accessibility

Intuitive, enhanced data retrieval improves user experience.

Data Flow

Fine-tune systems to transform data for optimized consumption and user access.

360-Degree View

Combine data from multiple sources for a bird’s-eye view, allowing for more accurate decision-making.

Data Engineering Services

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Data Consulting

We provide expert advice and strategies to harness valuable data.

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Cloud-Native Enterprise Data

Get enhanced flexibility and scalability through ready-to-use infrastructure and analytics tools.

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Data Governance

Implement a consistent, controlled, and uniform data policy for enhanced business insights and value.

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Data operations and management

Increase efficiency with smooth-running operations and maintenance of day-to-day data infrastructure and operations.

"Zensar integrated diverse data systems, simplified complex data structures, and transformed a traditional analytics tool into a more robust and scalable platform. This led to improved performance and cost optimization for us."

– CIO, Technology Conglomerate

Up to 40% improvement in data quality issues with our proprietary iDQ platform

Nearly 33% improvement in time-to-insight through streamlined workflows

Up to 70% reduction in data storage costs through strategic data architecture 

Client Stories

How we've helped clients rise to the challenge

Do you want to know how Zensar can help your organization become data-driven?


More data engineering and analytics services

Business ideas, goals, and problems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Business solutions shouldn’t be either

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