Digital Security 

Secure digital assets from constantly-evolving threats that accompany new technologies

Put security threats on notice


We offer Cybersecurity services with a team of more than 400 seasoned cybersecurity professionals and expert solutions with a 360-degree view


Round-the-clock operational support and seamless delivery. State-of-the-art centers of excellence and global security operations centers


Comprehensive security with round-the-clock managed services One-click compliance and regulatory reports


Outcome-based, flexible cost commercial models. Adept, skilled specialists provide expert solutions with a 360-degree view

Our Offerings

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Cloud security

Access, manage, and improve your risk posture for cloud application migrations, cloud-native apps, cloud infrastructure, and workloads through our Cloud Security services

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Global operations

A centralized security response solution that provides a holistic view of risk and threat posture. Enable intelligent, automated responses to detect and eradicate evolving threats

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Attack simulation

Find and fix security vulnerabilities to prevent data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and distribution of malware or ransomware

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Identity protection

Secure, frictionless access for your workforce, customers, and partners

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Data security

Manage data compliance and governance requirements through a single pane of glass view

"We were able to avert crisis in several locations around the world in real time. Great detection and prevention measures."
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Up to 30% savings in monitoring and remediation

Up to 35% decrease in time to detect malware

Up to 60% reduction in audit time

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