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Retail and Consumer Services

Experience led Consumer Commerce

Resilient Supply Chain

Digital transformation is accelerating rapidly across the retail and consumer services industry, requiring them to build adaptable, composable business models to scale in disruptive environments. Zensar’s approach is directed along the lines of microservices, API first and cloud native commerce aimed at improving customer experience. Implementing a resilient supply chain is also critical to meeting consumer expectations of a fast and seamless customer experience across mobile, web and other digital channels. We help  deliver a robust fulfilment experience by identifying supply chain challenges and uniquely optimizing retailer’s delivery, warehouse management and inventory capabilities, resulting in a lean, agile supply chain.

Key Performance Indicators

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"Keystone’s* expertise with Manhattan Associates WMS solution, deep domain skill set, and ability to work with both IT and business teams made it a perfect partner for us in this strategic initiative" - Uma Bhemishetty – VP of Retail systems, Men’s Wearhouse


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